Best word counter softwares of 2024

Top Picks For Word Counter Software In 2024

As a writer, you need to use a good word counter software, because it helps writers of all kinds keep track of their progress and hit their daily word count goals, but with so many options out there, it is difficult to choose the right tool that aligns with your own specific needs.

In this blog, we’ll cover the top word counter programs of 2024, we’ll see what makes each of these word counter tools special and what features might be the most helpful for you.


The Word Counter All Stars:


1.Grammarly: This  is one of the most popular grammar checkers that extends in the market, and it not only offers grammar corrections,  it also offers a clean interface with a good word counter tool. But Grammarly’s main tool is to improve your texts’ readability by showing you statistics and suggestions for improving  your sentences’ structure and clarity. Its free version performs well but of course its more advanced features are only available on paid plans.


2.Hemingway Editor: This tool is good for making short and sweet sentences because it’s focused on highlighting complicated sentences, so you can write in a more direct way and cut away all words that don’t add real value to your text.


3.Script Timer: This is an all in one tool because it is not only a word counter tool, it also offers all the tools writers need to improve their work, with features like grammar and spelling checker, AI script coach, high quality voice over creation, and much more. But the most attractive thing about Script Timer is that most of its tools are available for free, and the paid plans are budget-friendly with the lowest prices in the market.


4. Word Counter: Yes this tool is literally called Word Counter, that’s because word count features are its main focus, and it’s a great tool if your only need is to know the number of words and characters in your writings.


5. Scrivener: This program was built specifically for novelists and screenwriters, it has different useful features like of course a word counter, but it really shines at helping you organize your projects in a proper way. What’s really cool about Scrivener is that you can create chapters, movie scenes, and keep track of your daily progress.


6. ProWritingAid: This tool is known for its great grammar checker and its word counter, one of its coolest features is that it can break down your word coin by chapter, which is really useful for long projects, ensuring every part of your writing stays balanced.


7. Copywritely: This is a cloud-based tool that offers a real time word counter, ot also offers a plagiarism checker and basic grammar suggestions. A good advantage of this tool is that it integrates with Google Docs and other writing platforms, but its free features are very limited, so you have to get a paid plan to unlock its best features.


8. QuillBot: This is an AI-powered assistant that counts with many different useful tools paraphrasing, AI and plagiarism checker, and summarizing tools, so you can add length to your texts while keeping meaning. This tool is helpful for meeting specific word count requirements.


9. Focus Writer: This tool offers a distraction-free environment that prioritizes your focus, reducing interface elements. It counts with a prominent word counter and allows you to set daily goals to keep you on track.


10. Write Room: This tool is similar to Focus Writer because it also focus on offering a distraction-free environment for focused writing, some of its features are word counter, estimating reading time, and session duration. Its main disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer a grammar check so if you want to ensure a proper grammar in your texts you’d need to use a different tool.


Why is Script Timer the Best Option For you?

While all of the tools we saw previously are the best options in the market, and each has its own features that makes them stand out. Script Timer is like a combination of the best features writers need, for example it can perfectly cover Grammarly main feature by allowing you correct all grammar mistakes with just one click.

Script-Timer offers a word counter that not only shows you the number of words and characters, but also how long it would take to deliver in case your script is for a speech or any public presentation. If you’re facing writer’s block our script coach can help you overcoming it by giving you fresh new ideas and helping you improve your scripts, and if you want to bring your texts or scripts to life you can create professional voice overs that will give you a better idea of how your scripts would sound in real life. Just sign up and unlock all these cool features for free!


Beyond The Word Count

Don’t forget that word counter tools are just a piece of the puzzle, you should use these tools to ensure you stay in the desired text length or achieving daily word count goals, but make sure you’re not only focusing on the length of your texts, but also in the quality, because at the end of the day that’s what really will make your texts or scripts stand out from the rest.

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